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The Team

prime aque

Prime Aque is the Founder of Pinoymoneys.com and the YouTube Content Creator of Money Infinity TV.

He is a self-taught WordPress front-end designer, blogger, and YouTuber.

He started learning how to blog and tweaks blogger.com template in 2011. He then learned how to work on the WordPress platform and worked his way for several years, intending to make a passive income online.

He believes that hard work pays off. There is no shortcut to reliable money-making streams.

Today, he enjoys making money online in the comfort of his home while watching his growing kids.

Interestingly, he is now learning to make videos using Davinci Resolve, a powerful video editor used by Holywood filmmakers.

He believes that learning is fun, and within his lifetime, his eagerness to learn new things will not stop.


Sharmaine Escarian Cabugwason is a full-time HR practitioner with eight years of solid experience.

She used to work in different industries like retailing, food and beverage, academe and at present, she works in a Level 1 hospital in North Cotabato.

Interestingly, Sharmaine is also an entrepreneur, the owner of Shygia. A business that aims to provide a significant contribution to society through promoting safe, healthy, and natural/non-toxic products for one’s care and well-being.

She also loves to express her ideas and creativity through content writing. Sharmaine describes herself as an independent, and passionate individual who loves to seek more personal growth and development in the years to come.

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mark andre

Mark Andre Yapching has over 10 years of experience in the content writing and digital marketing industry.

He has written for a variety of topics, but he’s always had a keen eye for the finance niche.

He’s also had extensive experience in using the Philippines’ top lending apps and financial solutions.

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